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Supply chain services



Advanced Facilities

Self-built warehouse and container yard

Self-own vehicles

Scientific system

¨         the knowledge system of core for inside management system

¨         QHSE for the safe system of quality risk

¨         Import and export sea ERP system and integration of WMS/TMS/DMS

Professional team

¨         all of the fieldwork operators trained by the regarding department of Government and having the license

¨         the teammates are professional, job reverence and ambitious managing persons

¨         the professional risk control managing persons


¨         providing the finished products and materials distribution center management ( DC, RDC) for manufacturing company in the domestic highway, railroad and waterway service

¨         providing the import goods distribution center management for trading company

¨         providing the door to door service in domestic third tier cities and the palleting, packaging additional service in DC


¨         providing the domestic distribution, storage, international sea transportation and so on, one stop supply chain service for target client

¨         providing the third party logistic supply chain service in main chemical industry zone, domestic and international area.


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