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Trucking resources

Through many years developmentS&W international chemical logistics Ltd owns a well-managed truck fleet with various types trucks. We have cooperated with diffferent companies and integrated domestic resources in China mainland. There are 315 trucks under control by S&Wincluding 139 DG trucks and 176 Non-DG Trucks for all kinds transportation.

Our vehicles include container truckruckcabin trucktruck under customs controlrefrigeration trucktanker truck and ISO tanker;Some vehicles have installed GPS system for high quality service and requirement.


Domestic Services

¨         Container truckingcabin truckingtrucking under customs controlcabin trucking under customs controltanker truckISO tank truckingrefrigeration trucking

¨         Barging service

¨         Multimodal service

¨         Railway transportation service

¨         Transportation insurance


Tracking service

The accuracy and punctuality of transportation are the most important index in the logistics system. S&W focus on the improvement and enhancement of the cargo tracking system. We arranges professionally to track every order and carries out the track according to the special requirements of the customers per day.

All the vehicles installed with GPS system and tracked under actual time monitor for special orders. Customers can check through internet and find the location and status of goods at the first time.



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