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Advantages of flexi-tank in shipment for bulk liquid


why  use flexitank?

Advantages of flexi-tank in shipment for bulk liquid:
Bulk liquid shipment is an important branch of transport industry. ISO tank and drum have been the traditional shipment means. However, it has been not only a high cost for companies to purchase, to recycle, to maintain, to clean etc, but also has a unfavorable impact on national resource utilization and environmental protection. Thus, an economical, environment-protection shipment means for bulk liquid is born and become a favorite in shipping bulk liquid in the world. For the shipment of non hazardous liquid, flexi-tank has unique advantage in freight and performance, compared with traditional shipment means:
1. Comparison with ISO Tank
1. Comparison with ISO Tank
1) The max volume of each flexi-tank is 24 000 liters, so is ISO tank; but, to use flexi-tank means you just need to pay freight for the 20 feet container, which is a big cost-cut compared with ISO tank freight.
2) The supply and distribution of ISO tank is influenced by many factors, which often may have an impact on customers’ plan of import & export, not mention the cost of transfer and loading; it’s too much for customers to bear. While the flexi-tank is free from the influence of supply, distribution, region and environment; what’s more, it takes much less to transfer or load the goods. This is a great favor for customers.
3) The rent for ISO tank is $15/day, and its return and clean may cost $200; while flexi-tank can save these cost.
4) Generally, the ISO tank supply is short and its shipping space is limited; while flexi-tank does not have such problems. It’s in the 20 feet container as ordinary goods in dry container, which can guarantee customers’ plan of export & import and reduce their operation cost.
2. Comparison with Drums:
2. Comparison with Drums:
1) Each 20 feet container can take in 80 drums of 200 liters in volume, and each drum cost $22 to $30, which means a package cost range from $1764 to $2353; nevertheless, the price of each flexi-tank is much lower than that of 80 drums, an absolute advantage.
2) The max volume that a container of drums can take is 16 000 liters, while one flexi-tank can take around 24 000 liters; in the mean time the freight is the same as that of 80 drums. In other words, 3 standard containers with flexi-tanks can take the goods of 4 standard containers with drums, and the cost of one container is saved.
3) The loading of flexi-tank is one way and one time, easier than that of drums, so much labor and time is saved at the same time.
3. Comparison with IBC.
3. Comparison with IBC.
1)First, each IBC may cost $176, each 20 feet standard container can take 18 IBCs, which means $3176 in package cost; yet, each flexi-tank just cost $300.
2) Second, the max volume of each IBC is 1.2 tons, 18 IBCs in a standard 20 feet container can take 21 600 liters at most, while one flexi-tank can take in 24 000 liters of liquid, which means an additional 2400 liters can loaded at the same freight with 18 IBCs.
3) Finally, to load IBC need such equipment as forklift etc, and it takes a long time; while to load a flexi-tank do not need those mechanical equipments; it can be done by 2 workers in 30 minutes, which is another favor for customers in bulk liquid shipment.
Our Advantages:
1. Our flexi-tank is approved by ISO9001:2000 Quality Certificate, FDA, BGA, EC, and National Sanitation Standard for PE as Food Package.
2. The material of our flexi-tank is food grade PE.
3. Our flexi-tank adopts new bag heat sealing technology and complies with the regulation of ISO9001:2000 Standard.
4. The flexi-tank has no pollution to environment and do not need to be cleaned, but we can also do ozone sterilization according to customers’ demands.
5. Our flexi-tank is insured by Insurance company, who would pay for the loss caused by product quality.

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