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An exclusive program designed specifically to
protect members of WCA Family of Logistic Networks, from our preferred provider FP Marine Risks.

WCA Family has focused its efforts on promoting the importance of members having good insurance coverage. Not just cargo insurance, but insurance to cover the other things that can go wrong for which no planning can anticipate, such as mistakes even your best staff member can make. These can easily cost a company a fortune to correct.  

It makes sense for members to acquire the coveted Risk Managed logo and show it with pride. Many of our members possessing the logo carry their own policy that they have used for years; others have taken advantage of the policy developed exclusively for WCA Family members (FSL: Freight Service Liability) and have reported huge savings in premiums as well as improved coverage. No matter how you are protected WCA Family is convinced that it makes no sense to run a company without insurance against things that can go wrong which are beyond your control.

In addition to Cargo and FSL Insurance we also offer a facility for members to obtain OTI and Customs Bonds.

The Risk Management program is designed to help members stay in business by ensuring as many as possible are covered by an effective insurance policy against the risks that their businesses run everyday – mistakes that can happen in the best-run companies.  WCA Family strongly recommends to every member to make certain that they are properly protected.

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