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China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue 中美战略经济对话

opening ceremony 开幕式

closing remarks 闭幕辞

high-level dialogue 高层对话

economic cooperation 经济合作

government procurement 政府采购

hi-tech goods 高科技产品

hi-tech export 高科技出口

high-end manufacturing 高端制造业

energy-saving products 节能产品

intellectual property rights/IPR protection 知识产权保护

market access barriers 市场准入障碍

supply chain 供应链

European debt crisis 欧洲债务危机

anti-protectionism in international trade 反对国际贸易保护主义

global economic recovery 全球经济复苏

full market economy status 完全市场经济地位

open trade and investment regimes 开放的贸易和投资体制

climate change/energy 气候变化/能源

alternative energy 可替代能源

clean energy 清洁能源

lower carbon economy 低碳经济

Chinese currency Yuan 人民币汇率问题

currency rate/exchange rate reform 汇率改革

foreign exchange rate mechanism 汇率机制

external pressure 外部压力

rebalance global growth 重新平衡全球发展

currency appreciation 货币升值

currency flotation 浮动汇率

currency manipulator 货币操纵国

outcome 成果

MOU/memorandum of understanding 谅解备忘录

Framework for EcoPartnerships 生态合作框架

credit agreements 贷款协定

reach consensus 达成共识

bear fruit 取得成果

revised agreement 修订协议

outcome statement 成果声明

produce concrete results 取得实效

long-term reforms 长期改革

bilateral forum 双边论坛

bilateral ties 双边关系

mutually-beneficial and win-win cooperation 互惠和共赢的合作

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